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Counter-Strike: Source Bot


Counter-Strike: Source bot

Kills, spies, guns and more! Logistical Support AI (LS-Ai). Live reloading updated: 20.6.2020. Changelog 1.9.9 : Version 1.9.9 have 1.2.2 is greater than 1.2.1. Resolved: P1 collision issue with the ironsights on 2nd map 3rd map with the players using mouse and keyboard New content: Counter-Strike: Source Bots, which can be controlled by other players. To add a bot, tap the tilde key and type, « bot_add » and hit the « Enter » key. They do as much as they can get away with. This addon uses map_data_request to look for bots and communicate with them. It may give you an error or several. The map files in the folder './assets/epic' have an addon name. There is an additional map file called mapdata_request. It requires a previous version of this addon to work. If you want to use the addon with multiple bot versions on the same server, you'll need to remove or rename the file or delete the contents. This addon can not replace the client name property. Mute a bot and jump to it with F1, Pause with F2. Please, read this. Some quick thoughts on bots: - bots are created by your server owner. - bots are not controlled by a dedicated bot hoster. - bots have a certain lifespan which you have to keep in mind when choosing when to add/remove bots. - bots don't need a player host and can run from any map. - bots do not need to be protected. - bots do not need to be renewed, they will be able to attack the enemy when they have been active for a certain amount of time. - bots are not controlled by a dedicated game master. - bots have some limitations. - bots are not replaceable with other bots (except for the welcome bot). - bots do not have weapon presets. - bots do not have a separate health bar. - bots do not have a separate damage bar. - bots can not access the shared config. - bots can not access the client config. - bots don't need to have their own weapons. - bots can not be powered up. - bots can not be disabled. - bots are not

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Counter-Strike: Source Bot

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